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#15 Consume "LOCAL"

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

2019 in South of France ☀️

Tip #15 from 19 for your perfect stay with us:

consume "LOCAL"!

If you have already been in our homes, you know that we can give you plenty of tailor-made ideas for eating out, shopping and activities.

This is true to the point that #MyLuxuryHomeInProvence created exclusive Google Maps lists to share with our guests (we have posted earlier about this, see hereétit).

Today I would like to speak to you about something that is very important to us.

And behind the scenes I have been working a lot on this.


Means: eat, consume, interact with the best local shops and activities.

We can name them probably almost all!

If you are spending your weekend, a week or even two weeks here with your family & friends, you will discover that this region is special.

It is not only breathtaking BEAUTIFUL, the nature is incredibly GENEROUS but also food, wine & products are PERFECTLY matching it.

In order to preserve the environment but also in order to support good local stores, I have created a list of shops & activities that is called CONSUME LOCAL.

Here is a glimpse of it:

  1. ORSINI, Best honey - the bees are in a very special place that you will never guess! IN the Calanque de Figuerolles (we wrote about RIF& paying with figs earlier, check our here: And you might believe it or not, if you close your eyes while tasting the "garrigues" (local natural vegetation) honey, you will smell/taste the sea breeze... Here is their Facebook page and you can meet them on all the local weekly markets in the region.

  2. COTE ATELIERS, beautiful hand-made objects made in La Ciotat. Several women share this shop to display and sell their arts & crafts. Make sure you spend them a visit:

  3. CABINET DE CIRE. You do not like candles? That is what I thought, before entering in THIS crazy shop. A talented young couple runs it and fabricates these little artworks, also on demand with a picture of your choice. They invented a special technique for bringing the pictures "inside" the candle and they work with tatooers on the designs. The result is incredible:

  4. BOULANGERIE LE MOULIN DE PAÏOU: having spent many years in Germany, I love a good bread. This baker is all you need when you are in south of France! I promise. AND you can even find croissants & pains au chocolat there.

  5. DELICES DE LA CIOTAT: the owner finds the best products of the very close region and she explains you why they are good. All involved in a nice chat about the places where they come from. Very recommendable.

This is just a very small selection of our list.

Do not hesitate to discover them all.

You will get access to it upon your arrival date to our homes.

If you want to get them ahead of your stay, simply send us an email and we will be pleased to share it with you upfront.

See you soon


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