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#2 / 20 WINTER

You might think that winter is the same everywhere, except for the Caribbeans!

Well let me tell you that this is completely wrong!

I will never stop telling everyone that wants to hear it (and also to the ones who do not haha!) that #WINTER in #Provence is just magical. Of course, there is never a guarantee for climate, but once you have seen it, you will never forget the bright dark blue sky you saw here.

And THIS, combined with a beach & a good glass of wine or cup of coffee or tea, turns out to be a Spa on its own for your hearth, skin and soul.

Just have a look at this pic that I shot on the first of January, #2020. We went out for a bike tour because (honestly we had some calories to burn) the sun was just calling us to go outside & enjoy:

Well this is only one of the many activities that you can enjoy here during wintertime.

Want some more ideas?

- hiking: there are innumerous places where you can go for a walk if you are not that sportive or go for a real hiking! Just have a look here at the options you have in the Parc National de Calanques, it begins at La Ciotat and goes till Marseille: This might be one of your reward views in the Calanque d'en Vau between Cassis & Marseille:

Calanque d'en Vau

- diving: did you know that the Mediterranean Sea is not that much colder in winter compared to summer? In January for example; the water might be around 12-14°C, compared to 20-21°C in summer. With a good neoprene you will be able to discover this marvelous underwater world just in front of your vacation home: in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer we can recommend you the diving club Aquanaut (this is where we dive ourselves) and in La Ciotat there are two that we know: Eden Dive & Plongée Passion Or if you have your own material, I can strongly recommend to try to dive from the shore "#PlongerDuBord". #EricVastine tells you how in his books. They are available for you in our apartments!

Eric Vastine

- bike riding: you can bring your bike, in all our apartments there are secured rooms for parking them. You can also rent some on site here "Cycles Lleba" in La Ciotat (2min walk from our apartments). They also have e-bikes, in case you want some assistance! There are many, many magnificent places to ride your bike, along the coast or inlands with lots of higher levels tours for professionals. You are in the country of the #TourDeFrance, do not forget this!

In our next posts we will give you many more ideas of what you can do around here in #Provence in #winter! Gourmets, culture fans, stay tuned!

we will dedicate an own post to SPAS! You will not believe the diamonds & pearls you can find here in the region!!

In case you have an urge now to book your next vacations or long weekend, go this way please:

See you soon in south of France ☀️


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