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2019 Events suggestion #1

Our hand picked events in the region

You want to spend your vacations here or have already booked our homes?

Find out all the events that will happen in the region during your stay or get inspired by some you have always dreamed of attending...

The most important one and we have already written about it in the past is for sure


it takes place in the village of Le Castellet, only a few minutes drive from most of our homes.


(from official Circuit du Castellet website):


The teams have finished setting up camp at the circuit and after several days assembly the spectacular motorhomes are now installed. The circuit is ready to welcome the Formula 1 circus. The mechanics and engineers are already hard at work. The drivers too as they do their traditional track walk, a reconnaissance of the circuit on foot to inspect various details – kerbs, escape roads, etc.

A kind of infectious communications buzz begins to invade the circuit. After putting the final touches to the preparation of their cars the mechanics bring them to scrutineering to ensure that they comply with the regs.


The engines finally roar into life! Two free practice sessions are the highlights of the first day of action on the track. The drivers take part in the first free practice session which, for them all, is their first real contact with the French Grand Prix circuit. The teams use this session to assess pre-calculated setups and test some new parts. The second free practice enables them to validate the modifications made to the setups because of the information gathered in the first session. The drivers also assess the performance of the tyres and analyse their behaviour in view of the race.


The third free practice session is mainly devoted to finding pure performance and preparation for qualifying. The latter determines the grid positions that are so important for the race. The qualifying session unfolds in three eliminatory phases: the 15-fastest drivers in Q1 go into Q2 after which only the ten quickest progress to Q3 to fight for pole position.


After gathering momentum the tension builds up to a crescendo on Sunday. The drivers’ parade is an intense moment of communication with the crowd. The weekend reaches its paroxysm with the start at 15:10, a crucial moment in the race. Several activities will enrich this programme in the coming weeks to the delight of the crowd.

If you are coming or planning to join this incredible experience, make sure you have the right accommodation!

We offer you here all the necessary logistics information for a perfect planning of your trip & your own on site logistics.

Our homes are very close but not too close so you avoid the peak hour's unavoidable traffic.

Our locations allow you to get very easily through if you use the VIP Lane but the logistics have been improved since last year's (some might say and some already admitted "disastrous") experience.

In 2018 we received 160.000 visitors for the whole period of the #F1 #GP!

Here what has been changed compared to last year's logistic organisations:

  1. FREE SHUTTLES will be offered. Starting from the city of #LaCiotat and #LeCastellet. Close to 170 busses will circulate, one every 3 minutes. They will connect La Ciotat & Le Castellet with the two parkings at the Circuit and will allow visitors to join the Circuit Paul Ricard in between 45min to one hour. In the bus there are distractions planned (not sure what this could be but sounds funny). These FREE shuttles can be booked from end of April on the official website of the French F1 GP (

  2. There will be TWO BIG PARKINGS available for those taking the shuttles. In La Ciotat for 4.000 cars and in Le Castellet between 600-1.000 cars.

  3. A real STATION is being created next to the Circuit to receive those shuttles and make sure the visitors quickly access the interior. This station will also welcome the taxis, private drivers nd public busses.

  4. CAR-SHARING highly recommended! In 2018 the average users per car was 2. In 2019 the goal is to make people share cars in order to reduce traffic. EVERY CAR WITH 5 PASSENGERS OR MORE will enjoy a priority access and dedicated parking. A website and/or app will be launched in April for finding "ride partners".

  5. EASIER ACCESS FOR ROTARY NEAR TO THE CIRCUIT: the ones that went there last year easily noticed that this rotary was the needle eye. It has been reorganised! It will, during peak times, no longer act like a rotary but as a TWO LANE street to fluidify traffic.

  6. ONE-WAY STREETS ON DEMAND: for exiting the Circuit at peak hours, some lanes will be transformed on one-way streets to allow faster car draining. - for 3 hours the street heading Ollioules will be a one-way street; - for 2 hours the state road DN8 heading Cuges & Le Beausset will be a one-way street;

  7. MORE & SMALLER PARKINGS will be available for visitors. Last year the area counted 8 parking zones. The biggest one could receive 7.000 vehicles. In 2019 the area will offer 15 parking areas with less capacity (3.000 the biggest).

  8. EASIER SIGNALING will help improving visibility. More trained people on site to improve parking handling.

  9. A new MOTORBIKE PARKING is being created. Helmet lockers will be available for your comfort.

  10. More security for the one using the parkings close to the state road D402: a pedestrian bridge to access the Circuit will avoid the need for pedestrians to cross the streets.

  11. If you want to stay longer at the Circuit (this will for sure also lighten the traffic...), there will be a program on site until 10pm. Catering will also be improved.

We hope to have helped you decide to give it another try.

We would love to receive you in one of our homes.

If you like a flat, we have it.
If you like a villa, we propose it too.
If you prefer a city house, you know the answer.

Find them all here and do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions.

We do propose exclusive optional services to our F1 GP guests like

  • shuttle from/to airport

  • private chef in the villa/flat

  • organising city tours, diving, hiking, golfing and many others! Just tell us what your passion is

  • daily cleaning in the villa/flat

  • in the villas: morning bakery & patisserie service

  • laundry & ironing service

We look forward to receiving you in one of our homes!

See you soon

Sonia ☀️

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