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#3 with figs

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

2019 in South of France

Tip #3 is about RIF (aka République Indépendante de Figuerolles)

The National Parc of Calanques that goes till Marseille begins just right behind the Port Vieux of #LaCiotat. You can actually walk in easily compared to Cassis Calanques. It is in easy walking distance from most of our flats.

The first two Calanques (creeks) in La Ciotat are #Mugel and Figuerolles.

There is a very funny story about #Figuerolles based on a long, long tradition (see picture below).

Just imagine paying your bill in a restaurant with figues!! Read below if you cannot believe it!

Actually the creek is like a little piece of paradise.

The water is so cristalline and blue that you feel like being in the Caribbean...

You can snorkel, dive, sunbath, not touch anything under water and most of all: do not mess up with the nature and please take your garbage back home with you!

The beauty is hard to describe, you have to see it for yourself!

See you soon ☀️


Rocher du Capucin

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