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#5 / 20 PEOPLE SAY... part I

It is a great pleasure & reward for us getting positive feedback. This is in fact the essence of our work. We love to create a perfect surrounding for your perfect vacations.

Today we would like to share some of the feedbacks we have gotten over the past years from our guests from all over the world.

We do accept pets. This seems to be a huge plus for our guests that can bring along their

  • dogs

  • cats

  • parrots

  • turtles

YES! We have had them ALL in different shapes, colours & sizes! Be allowed to travel with their beloved pets & share perfect vacations at the beach with them, means the world to our guests.

But the ones coming to stay with us that have no pets: do not worry!

Exactly as we do when we get guests with little kids or babies (or even only adults), we perform a very thorough cleaning after each group, so that the next ones do not feel AT ALL that there has been people (or pets) there before them.

Believe it or not (our homes are several years old now), sometimes we even get the question

"Are we the first guests?"

Well, this is like the cherry on the cake as compliment, because this means that not only the cleaning has been done correctly but also the maintenance worked well. Yes, there is a lot of maintenance to do in our homes. We take this very seriously!

Another point that comes up more than 90% of the time is the cleanliness of our homes.

It seems that we are well above the "market standard". We have heard terrible stories & every time we feel very sorry for these past experiences made by our guests. Vacation time should be a perfect time, with no worries about cleaning a home before even settling in!

Look what Patrycjusz, a family of 4 from Ireland wrote in his review about his stay in our flat in #LaCiotat:

Our stay was a real pleasure, very clean apartment with all necessary equipment, high standard
MINUS: shower door in bathroom needs some work (note from Sonia: the shower was completely upgraded to an open, large shower shortly after, problem solved!)
PLUS: almost everything, very professional owner, Sonia helped us to get to the airport when it turned out that taxi we booked had an accident! So nice of them, thank you

Check out our homes here & happy to see you soon:

See you soon in #SouthofFrance ☀️

Warm regards,

Sonia Baschny

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