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For all the #cooks and #foodlovers

I love #cooking and #eating.

Coincidently, many of our guests do too!

So I feel kind of responsible in giving them our best recommendations for #restaurants, where to buy excellent, regional products for cooking and where to get the freshest and best ones.

Uufff.... big responsibility...

Luckily we have some good addresses that seem to please our guests too.

This is frequently said and noted in the comments of our ratings.

In all our homes we provide our guests a list of restaurants where we often go ourselves and that we really enjoy. I do not hesitate in taking one off the list in case service gets worse, food is not very good any more and others. This has nothing to do with the restaurant's prices. We do propose them for all kind of budgets and situations.

There is for example the "Table de Nans" ( between La Ciotat and Saint Cyr sur Mer, that we frequent for years already. They got a Michelin star a year ago BUT they do have an affordable lunch menu that I recommend to our guests. You are sitting on the same terrace with the same stunning view over #LaCiotat 's bay.

You can of course celebrate your wedding anniversary or impress your new girlfriend or your family with an excellent dinner, but knowing that the same cook is preparing an equally good meal for lunch for half the price is very interesting information, right?

Then you will find on our recommendations lists "Les 4 Vents / Chez Moule" ( in Saint Cyr Sur Mer with excellent pizzas or fish dishes or the Sloop ( for nice creative dishes that are our "canteens" for a quick and tasty lunch when we are around. Good service, tasty food and affordable prices with nice views over the port.

Of course I am not forgetting our almost professional (and also the professional ones visiting us!) #cooks! You need good indications about where to buy that best lamb meat or where and when to get fresh fish or the tastiest vegetables or very local products from La Ciotat.

Not to forget an excellent french cheese, because - YES - this is why most of them come to France! To get best ingredients #parexcellence.

And it goes without saying that ALL the kitchens in our homes are perfectly well equipped for our amateur and professional guest chefs! You name it: need an oyster knife? We have it! Need sharp knives for a good job? We already thought about that. Need salt and pepper? It is already there!

On top of all this, you will find a very easy to understand page in our welcome booklet - available in all our homes - about which weekly market takes place where and when, all classified by the days of the week. And on top you get the insider tip at your arrival about the best time to go shopping in order to enjoy most your day and your visit.

And if you do not want to cook at all and want to do something different than going to a restaurant, we can arrange you a private chef: he can take care of you from breakfast to dinner including your picnic basket!

#chef, What are you waiting for?

See you soon

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