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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

If you like diving or never tried, it doesn't matter! Here is the perfect spot for doing it.

We all four in the family #dive and the oldest son is even a professional diver.

The pictures in this article are from him, #AlexandreMerle, thanks for his photography skills!

The #MediterraneanSea is full of surprises, little ones and bigger ones.

We usually dive with the team of and it is always very professional and well organised. We can help you coordinating your dive with them.

You can either try it for the first time: in this case the diving instructor will stay with you alone all the time, you will dive as deep as you feel comfortable but max at 6m and you will see... it is a wonderful experience!

Or if you already dived before, you can either dive for leisure or confirm further licences if you are staying a few days or a week. There are some special diving licences available too.

In any case: for all questions you might have, simply contact us and we will sort them out easily!

See you soon ☀️☀️☀️

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